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MOO streamz magnetic pain relief bands for cows cattle and calves. natural lameness support.

MOO StreamZ Cow Bands

Advanced Magnetic Bands for Dairy Cows & Cattle| Bovine Joint Care & Wellbeing.

MOO StreamZ Magnetic Bands


12-Month Warranty

Returns Process Available

MOO StreamZ ® magnetic bands introduce a new technique in magnetism for calves, cows and bulls – 360º resonance technology or Advanced magnetism.

MOO StreamZ ® revolutionary approach to the ever-growing magnetic therapy industry creates a variety of benefits over more traditional magnetic technologies and provides the bovine industry with a new product specifically developed for their animals. 

StreamZ magnetism does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents an increase in temperature allowing the bands to be worn by the animal for long periods of time, 24x7 and without negative side effects. 

Magnetic therapy has been used for decades to support animals with various joint issues, tendon and ligament strains, laminitis, mastitis, lameness, splint injuries, ringbone and much more. MOO StreamZ provide an advancement in traditional magnetic approaches and create results which speak for themselves. 

StreamZ magnetic bands are easy to manage and maintain. They are ideal as a complementary treatment for both immediate support when reacting to a cow or bulls injury or as a preventative measure. Developed to provide full-body-effects.

The robust yet lightweight neoprene sleeves wrap snuggly around the animals metacarpus bone, on either front or back legs (or a mixture of both) and are fully adjustable to a maximum of 35cm to fit all calves, cows and bulls. Once fitted, to keep the bands clean, we advise that a few layers of tape or bandaging are wrapped over the bands. 

* Softouch® Neoprene webbing

* Durable injection-moulded hook-and-loop fastening

* One-size-fits-all (up to 35cm circumference)

* Each cow wears two bands (one pair)

* Can be worn on fore or hind legs (or mix of)

* Provides full-body coverage

* Applies non-invasive energy field which creates no heat

* No need to build-up usage

* Can be used 24x7, including turnout

* Easy to maintain

Sensitive skin?: Some cows can suffer with allergic contact dermatitis (sensitive skin) and may find the neoprene too sensitive to place against the skin. If you notice any discomfort or discolouration on the skin within the first 1 to 24 hours then remove the bands. If problems persist then the neoprene bands should be removed completely.

StreamZ are a complementary device and should never replace prescribed medications or treatments. As with prescribed medications, StreamZ does not offer any guarantees for the intended purpose of use.

What makes MOO StreamZ so special?

✔︎ Natural Joint Care
✔︎ Fits cows, bulls & calves
✔︎ Suitable for 24x7 use
✔︎ Creates no heat
✔︎ Use on front or hind legs
✔︎ Provide full body coverage
✔︎ Support lameness
✔︎ Use on high cell counts
✔︎ Preventative support
✔︎ Ideal for dairy or cattle
MOO Streamz magnetic cow bands for cows bulls and calves dairy and cattle. Lameness and pain relief.


StreamZ for Cows & Cattle

YOU StreamZ magnetic bands introduce an advanced technique in magnetic therapy, developed to provide a natural response to a variety of symptoms found with humans.

Each YOU StreamZ contains a continuous strip of StreamZ revolutionary material, creating a 360º non invasive energy field around the wearers ankle or wrist. This unique approach to the magnetic therapy market generates no heat, significant when treating a variety of conditions when avoiding heat is vital and for continuous long term use.

Developed to be worn on the ankle (part-time) for previously diagnosed or degenerative conditions, and for the wrist (full-time) for everyday benefits and general wellbeing.

Whether you are looking for natural pain relief, a device to support your ongoing wellbeing or a technology to support an accelerated recovery - StreamZ are here - every step of the way.

StreamZ for Cows

MOO StreamZ advanced magnetic bands contain a continuous strip of StreamZ magnetised silicone, creating a 360º continuous energy field which spins around the animals leg - whether cow, bull or calve.

StreamZ revolutionary approach to magnetism creates no increase in heat and are suitable for use on either front or back legs. MOO StreamZ bands can be worn long-term, 24x7, and in all weather conditions.

MOO StreamZ bands are easy to manage and a provide an affordable and long-term solution to support a variety of conditions in cows and bulls. 

Each pack contains two bands to be worn by one animal; comfortably wrapped around their metacarpus bone on either fore or hind legs and worn for 24 hours per day.

Unique Magnetic Approach

One disadvantage of using traditional magnetic technology is the limited period of time in which they can be used, often due to the thermal increase created by their pulsating magnetism. This has traditionally prevented the use of magnetic products within the bovine industry as the ability to remove them and then refit them each day is a prohibitive challenge.

StreamZ Advanced Magnetic approach to magnetic fields generates no increase in heat, unlike with traditional magnetism. StreamZ non invasive approach allows the bands to be worn 24x7.

The bovine industry, whether dairy or cattle, are now being encouraged to reduce antibiotic use in their animals and with the cost of anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics rising many farmers are looking at more natural and holistic approaches for their herd.

Lameness in Cows

Many farmers and breeders are regularly faced with lameness issues in their herds of cows or bulls. Commonly related to foot lameness, thought to be as high as 40% in some herds, managing a dairy cow or breeding bulls lameness is of great importance. 

Researchers have found that lameness in dairy herds can reduce the farms net profitability by up to 17%. Initial costs of lameness are estimated to cost farmers on average £323 per case and can even lead to an involuntary cull. The majority of lameness related costs are related to reduced fertility, loss of milk yield, high cell count readings and a direct increase of culling.

One thing is clear; the ability to support a herds ongoing wellbeing and reduce lameness levels is of great importance within the bovine industry.

Moo streamz magnetic therapy bands for cows; by streamz global. MOO Streamz are here.

The EQU StreamZ bands have been used on our horses for years and we were thrilled when MOO StreamZ for cows were made available. We have seen results on some of elderly cows benefitting from additional mobility and great results using on young calves immediately after being born.

Dean Cruikshank ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Canadian Rancher
MOO Streamz magnetic cow bands for pain relief and lameness in cows

MOO StreamZ, although early in their launch, have the capacity to revolutionise healthcare within the worldwide dairy (and cattle) industries. By wearing the MOO StreamZ bands we have seen a 25% reduction in lameness resulting in additional milk yield and lower somatic cell counts - leading to a higher quality of milk!

Simon Bradsford ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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