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we’ve setup an affiliate program which rewards our customers for recommending the product to their friends and followers. Simply sign up, pass your friends a link and both of you are rewarded.

Become an Affiliate

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Become an Affiliate

Become an Affiliate

At StreamZ Global we take great pride in the results our advanced magnetic technology has produced for both humans, horses and dogs.

Advertising to new audiences has become extortionately expensive, particularly in a market sector controlled by the pharmaceutical giants.

We don’t sell snake oil. We do not manufacture our technology using fairy-dust and we really don’t believe that pigs can fly - our product does what it says it will do and that lends itself really well to recommendations and referrals. It’s results we are all looking for after all! 

So - we’ve setup an affiliate program which rewards our customers for recommending the product to their friends and followers. Simply sign up, pass your friends a link and both of you are rewarded.

If you are interested in working with us moving forward as a 'friend of StreamZ', a sponsor or an ambassador; we like to see the success of the affiliate scheme first so get in touch if you are interested. 

How does our Affiliate Referral Program work?

We have setup an affiliation program to provide an easy-to-use facility for customers to recommend our products to their friends, family and followers - whilst being handsomely rewarded for doing so with an automatically generated commission for every product sold.

Your friend receives a 10% DISCOUNT off the listed price on our website, whilst you receive 10% as a commission.

It’s easy-peasy and super straight forward!

Setting up the affiliate program

Firstly go to our website in your country and register your details on our affiliates program. 

If you wish to promote to your own followers in another country you will also need to register your details on our international website. Please let us know if this is the case by emailing the team today (

USA friends - Visit the USA affiliate link:

UK friends - Visit the UK affiliate link:

affiliate program from streamz global imageof dashboard setup account page

Once you have filled in your name, email address and set your password then hit the ‘Register Now’ button.   

Upon completion you are issued a unique URL web address (see below) which you can pass to friends, family and followers which automatically applies the 10% discount to the user. If you do not pass them the URL then you can simply give them your unique coupon code.

First view of the streamz affiliate program dashboard where users can edit their details

The system will auto-generate this discount code but you can edit that to be something more memorable. (see below)

if you like you can edit the coupon code generated by the system to be more memorable

How do we pay you? 

The most efficient and preferred method in StreamZ paying you commissions due is via PayPal so you will need a Paypal account and a copy of your Paypal email address at hand.

Setup your paypal details in the streamz affiliate program to be automatically rewarded commission

Note: discount codes are carefully monitored and will be removed if they are found on any discount coupon stores. Discount codes are applied to the online listed price and cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes. 

StreamZ Global affiliate program is currently only available to people purchasing via our UK and USA websites. 

Sign up to streamz global affiliate program today and refer a friend and earn commission

ema at streamz global

Article Author

Ema Pavlakova

Ema has developed an extensive knowledge of the StreamZ technology and uses this to publish articles on the Streamz blog.

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