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Ashleigh Butler | Professional Agility Handler, TV Star & Talent Show Winner

Ashleigh Butler | Professional Agility Handler, TV Star & Talent Show Winner

Blog Article

Ashleigh Butler | Professional Agility Handler, TV Star & Talent Show Winner

Ashleigh Butler | Professional Agility Handler, TV Star & Talent Show Winner

Ashleigh Butler Biography

Ashleigh Butler was a Young Kennel Club member for over 13 years and began by training her dogs in YKC training events and competitions.

After competing in the Young Kennel Club Heelwork to Music finals at Crufts for a number of years. In 2012 Ashleigh and her crossbreed dog, Pudsey, entered the TV show Britain’s Got Talent eventually winning and catapulting them into overnight fame.

Pudsey (28 December 2005 – 20 July 2017), was a male Border Collie, Bichon Frise, and Chinese Crested powderpuff cross. They achieved prominence as contestants in the sixth series of the television talent show, becoming the first dog trick act to win the competition.

On 21 July 2017, Butler announced that Pudsey had died. Following his death, Ashleigh said that her other trained dog, Sully, would take over future events but would “never become Pudsey”.

Ashleigh Butler and Sullivan competing at WAO world agility open in dog streamz magnetic dog collar 
Ashleigh and Sully now compete at dog agility events all around the world, including Crufts and representing England at the WAO Championships.

And their talents don't stop there! Both Ashleigh and Sullivan are regulars on stage at the theatre; starring in hit theatre shows such as Alice in Wonderland, and in pantomimes around the festive season. 

The training she had once carried out with her beloved Pudsey was naturally passed onto Sullivan and this talent was shown to the world when in 2019 they were invited to take part in the US hit TV show America's Got Talent: The Champions. With a young Bordie Collie now a part of the family there sure to be plenty of exciting times ahead for the Butler team! 

Ashleigh Butler Endorsement

StreamZ Global were delighted to gain the support of Ashleigh and her team based on the results she experienced firsthand with the DOG StreamZ collar. Gaining her endorsement indicates a level of credibility, a well known dog handler who has witnessed the benefits of Streamz Advanced Magnetism.

“Sullivan and Pudsey both put their StreamZ collars on and the next day they were both acting totally crazy, in a good way! Pudsey was like a young two-year-old again, he was wild! My mum decided to wear the StreamZ magnetic ankle band after seeing the reaction by the dogs and she now swears by it, so much so that she won’t take it off!”

A few weeks later:

“Wow!! Well, the 7-hour round trip was worth it, Sullivan went and won the Crufts singles qualifier today at Gillingham. He has worked brilliantly all weekend, and this reward for him has topped it off. I think his new StreamZ collar has something to do with it. He loves it and I am positive it has made an impact on his energy levels and focus.”

A few weeks after that:

“Both dogs have continued to wear their collars. They do not compete in them but now as a matter of habit, we put them on as soon as they leave the ring. Both Pudsey and Sullivan competed at Crufts 2017. Pudsey used the opportunity as his ‘retiring appearance’ and thoroughly enjoyed his last outing, he is now ready to let Sully take on the top-level competing whilst he chills at home, in his collar of course. Sullivan was an absolute star and took Crufts by storm winning the agility singles!! I think it’s safe to say that they are both loving their new DOG StreamZ collars, thank you!”

Ashleigh Butler

Ashleigh Butler DOG StreamZ endorsement for recovery after dog agility using dog streamz advanced magnetic dog collar



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