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EQU Streamz windgalls study of 25 horses diagnosed with windgalls and what impact the streamz technology has on swelling within the wind puff. Equine therapy solution from streamz global

Anecdotal study on 25 horses diagnosed with Windgalls using Advanced Magnetic Therapy

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Anecdotal study on 25 horses diagnosed with Windgalls using Advanced Magnetic Therapy

Anecdotal study on 25 horses diagnosed with Windgalls using Advanced Magnetic Therapy

Can a horse diagnosed with Windgalls use EQU StreamZ magnetic bands?

This study was developed internally to help provide efficacy evidence to support whether EQU StreamZ advanced magnetic bands can be used alongside a horse who has been diagnosed with Windgalls (or wind puffs).

There is currently no scientifically proven cure for Windgalls, as such, owners around the world use a variety of methods to support the condition. 

StreamZ introduction of advanced magnetism to the equine community is of significant interest as its unique approach to magnetism creates no heat, unlike traditional magnets. This is of relevance when using on an animal who is experiencing some form of inflammation, where increasing heat should be avoided.

EQU StreamZ can there for be worn by a horse with Windgalls. 

windgalls study for equ streamz efficacy evidence

Study group of 25 horses with Windgalls  

Twenty-five (25) horses previously diagnosed with Windgalls (Wind puffs) were sourced using social media and evaluated by their owners for 30 days. StreamZ had no previous relationship with the owners and the horses had not been using StreamZ technology prior to the trial. 

Initially a survey was sent to each owner and once the horse qualified a set of bands was sent to them. They were then required to keep them on for 30 days and to report back via another survey with what impact the technology had after those 30 days. 

Many of these horses had been administered various treatments and medications prior to the study and were interested to establish what impact EQU StreamZ magnetic bands would have on their horses Windgalls and recovery process. 

wenty-five horses with Windgalls were sent a pair of EQU StreamZ bands  and after 30-days the owners completed a survey.

Study findings after 30-days of use

After 30 days of use owners completed a 'final survey' by answering a series of questions relating to their horses Windgalls. These anecdotal survey results provide a level of efficacy when suggested EQU StreamZ bands can be used alongside a horse with Windgalls. 

The study makes no medical claims and is purely anecdotal evidence form other users of the technology. No professionally prescribed medications or treatments should be replaced. 

Question 1) Can you confirm that your horse has worn the bands for a minimum period of 8 hours within a 24 hour period, consistently through the trial. 

have the equ streamz bands been worn for 8 hours per day through the windgalls study

This was an important aspect of approval within the study to ensure a level of consistency and that no horses in the trial were left without the product for longer than the recommended period of time. Although two horses can in theory share a set of bands we recommend that every horse has their own pair of bands and wear them for at least 8 hours per day and specifically when sleeping (in 'recovery mode').

Question 2) As a result of using EQU StreamZ horse bands have you noticed a reduction in the windgall? 

Have you seen a sreduction in windgall swelling when using equ streamz advanced magnetic horse bands

Windgalls create swellings that develop slightly above or behind the fetlock joint, rarely creating pain or lameness but not the prettiest of sites. Many owners use cold compresses or bandages on an ongoing basis to help reduce this inflammation. 

Question 3) At what stage in the study did you notice a reduction in the windgalls? 

EQU Streamz windgalls study question 3. how long did it take for equ streamz to show a reduction in swelling of the windgall

Windgalls are notoriously stubborn to reduce so our team were keen to understand how quickly the impact was seen across 25 horses.

As owners we expect results quickly so this question was included so we could provide accurate information when asked how long the technology should take before showing a positive effect. 

Results showed that 64% of horses experienced a reduction in their windgalls within 7 days, with the others reporting it took up to 15 days. 

Question 4) If a reduction of swelling was observed; were previous methods of treatments reduced as a result? 

EQU Streamz windgalls study question 4. were previous treatments stopped when a reduction in swelling of the windgall was found

Managing a horse with windgalls can require continuous management with owners often needing to use bandages on a daily basis. Other treatments used to support a horse with windgalls include cold compression products, herbs and ointments and in severe cases anti-inflammatory medication. 

NOTE: EQU StreamZ provide a natural and non-invasive approach which are easy to manage and require less managing time that traditional treatments. Simply wrap the bands around the cannon bone and leave them on to 'work their magic', 24/7 if you can! 

Question 5) Would you recommend EQU StreamZ horse bands to other owners who have a horse diagnosed with windgalls? 
EQU Streamz windgalls study results. 24 out of 25 people would recommedn equ streamz to other owners with a horse diagnosed with windgalls or wind puffs

A vital question to ask owners at the end of the study, and a real indication to other owners looking to support their horse with windgalls that EQU StreamZ are a genuine option. 

In summary 

Easy-to-use and suitable for turnout, advanced magnetism has shown to be a valuable tool when used alongside a horse with windgalls. (96% of this study group agree!)



Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other publications.

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